Compact, powerful and entirely made of brushed stainless steel and equipped with a black painted control panel, the CHOC is the smallest AQuaHOM water cooler !

  • High quality stainless steel knobs.
  • Distribution of fresh still water, temperate water and fresh sparkling water.
  • Dry cooling.

Production capacity 12 litres of fresh still and sparkling water per hour + 8 litres of hot water at 95 °C per hour

1x Micro-Temperature Filtered Water Way

1x Way Fresh Microfiltered Water

1x Microfiltered Sparkling Water Way

1x Hot Water Way 95°C

This pack includes :

1 Filter Kit (filter + filter head + counter + pressure reducer H2O)

1 Astra bottle

Tube and fittings kit

1 CO2 kit (regulator + High pressure hose)

1 CO2 refill of 2 kg (provides around 400L of sparkling water)

Setup by an authorized technician included

Weight (KG) Dimensions (MM) Distribution Point Height (MM)
28 261x499x418 281
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Out of stock



1 AQuaHOM kit replaces 10,000 plastic bottles!

Zero kilometer tasting water to drink without moderation!

With AQuaHOM you have good and safe water at home.  The system has been tested and certified for home use and provides the peace of mind your family needs.

It is because the water in our home does not meet our taste criteria that too many people still buy bottled water.

Fortunately, those days are over!

By installing an AQuaHOM kit for table water, you ensure that your tap water is microfiltered to 0.5 micron and ready to drink every day of the year.

The cartridges are inexpensive and only need to be changed twice a year.

In addition, its use eliminates thousands of plastic bottles that are transported every day and thus limits the consumption of hydrocarbons for transport and packaging!

AQuaHom is a zero mile tasting experience !

The AQuaHOM kit is certified ACS (Certificate of Health Conformity) issued by the Ministry of Health.


This device requires periodic maintenance to ensure its proper operation and to meet the requirements of microfiltered drinking water.

It is necessary to replace the filters twice a year or for every 3500 litres of water consumed.

Make a sustainable choice!


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